Erasmus Student Mobility Results

Evaluation Method of Applications

The Lists were created according to the Erasmus+ Grand Total Scores calculated by taking 50% of the Foreign Language Exam Score and 50% of the General Academic Grade Point Average (GANO) of the students who apply for the Erasmus+ Mobility and ranked in each application (study and traineeship)

Evaluations were made taking into account the selection criteria of the 2023 Guidebook.

In order to be successful in Erasmus+ Study Mobility, the Erasmus+ Total Score must be at least 50 points and 50 Points for english exam. Students with a score below 50 are considered failed.

Students who applied but did not take english exam should present their excuses until 20.04.2024 by writing a petition and submitting evidences by email to international@topkapi.edu.tr. Otherwise -5 point deduction will be made on their next application.

Mobility results are:


TRAINEESHIP22011101011410090 95MAIN
TRAINEESHIP212209030023,5990,4362,5 76,465MAIN
TRAINEESHIP210307010143,4787,6357 72,315MAIN
TRAINEESHIP232209030093,8596,565-1070,75BACK UP
TRAINEESHIP210105010642,6668,7365 66,865BACK UP
TRAINEESHIP220507010022,6668,7362 65,365BACK UP
TRAINEESHIP210504010052,5365,757-1061,35BACK UP
STUDY23040102067909086 88MAIN
STUDY210507020013,5990,4382 86,215MAIN
STUDY220401020453,1379,791 85,35BACK UP
STUDY210503010102,7270,1394 82,065BACK UP
STUDY2305090100677,4977,4983 80,245BACK UP
STUDY210507020023,2883,276 79,6BACK UP
STUDY220503010132,9876,283 79,6BACK UP
STUDY220503010182,7771,387 79,15BACK UP
STUDY210503010072,8573,1685 79,08BACK UP
STUDY210505020093,0778,0380 79,015BACK UP
STUDY200505020513,4486,9370 78,465BACK UP
STUDY2304030105680,6680,6676 78,33BACK UP
STUDY230512021383,5890,262 76,1BACK UP
STUDY210301010053,79357 75BACK UP
STUDY210505020203,2782,9667 74,98BACK UP
STUDY220102051322,8873,8672 72,93BACK UP
STUDY220102050043,3785,359 72,15BACK UP
STUDY232203020053,48658 72BACK UP
STUDY220505020902,9775,9668 71,98BACK UP
STUDY232203020043,588,3355 71,665BACK UP
STUDY210508010042,8873,8668 70,93BACK UP
STUDY220503010192,2859,8677 68,43BACK UP
STUDY210301010453,3985,7651 68,38BACK UP
STUDY210505020473,0477,659 68,3BACK UP
STUDY210507020053,0477,655 66,3BACK UP
STUDY232209030093,8596,565 80,75BACK UP
STUDY210511020022,7570,8358 64,415BACK UP
STUDY220507010462,7270,1358 64,065BACK UP
STUDY210309010122,8974,153 63,55BACK UP
STUDY210512020212,4964,7661 62,88BACK UP
STUDY200507010572,5365,760 62,85BACK UP
STUDY210504010052,5365,757 61,35BACK UP
STUDY220311010272,6969,4351 60,215BACK UP

Students who are on the Main List should follow the process below:

Students in the Main List must notify the Erasmus Office in writing by e-mail (international@topkapi.edu.tr) whether they will benefit from the program or not between 15.04.2024-26.04.2024.

In case of release from the students who are on the Main List, they must fill in a Petition of Releasing and submit it to the Erasmus Office by hand until 26.04.2024. 

Students who do not declare whether they will benefit from the mobility or not until 26.04.2024 will be deemed to have released their rights and if they do not show a force majeure, -10 points will be deducted from the Erasmus+ total grade in their next Erasmus+ Mobility applications.

University Placements:

The institution cannot be held responsible if the applications of the candidates who will participate in the mobility are not accepted by the universities they have the right to go to, if the selected university quota is full or if the application deadlines have passed. In this case, the student is asked to choose another university with which we have an agreement. If no agreement is found or no selection is made, the application will be canceled.

Students do not have the right to change the universities they are placed in, except for the cases mentioned above and not caused by them. University change can only be made with the approval of the Erasmus Department Coordinators if the courses do not match or the language of instruction is not in English.

Students are responsible for checking their e-mails frequently, following all announcements published by Erasmus Office, and keeping in touch with Erasmus Office. Otherwise, the student is responsible for any problems that may occur (for example, not checking his e-mail and missing the application date, not reading the announcements, not being aware of any developments, etc.).

You can have a look at the universities for your field from “Uluslararası Anlaşmalı Üniversiteler” “International partner Universities” webpage with your departmental coordinator. 

Orientation Program

An Orientation Program will be organized for students who are eligible for Erasmus Mobility. In the orientation program, detailed information about the mobility process will be given to the students. It is obligatory to attend the Erasmus Orientation Program for all students who are on the Main List and who are on the Backup List and want to participate in the mobility without the grant. -5 points will be deducted from the next Erasmus applications of students who do not participate in the program without showing any force majeure. There will be orientation program on 19 April 2024 13:00 at Kazlıçeşme Campus Classroom G301.


 For Internship Mobility students; The deadline for the acceptance letter to be received from the internship place is 31 May 2024. Students who cannot bring an acceptance letter by this date will not be able to participate in Erasmus Internship Mobility. 

Click Here for draft acceptence letter.

You can use database below for your traineeship applications:

Students who object to the results of their application can send their objection petitions via e-mail (international@topkapi.edu.tr) until 19.04.2024 at 18.00. Objection petitions that were sent after the specified date will not be accepted. Petitions will be evaluated and positive or negative feedback will be given to the students.